Animation couses after 12th

Choosing the proper animation course after 12th is extremely important decision that students need to take. it’s important because the proper course after 12th can cause a rewarding career right after completion or may become a basis for post graduation course. The following article will offer you thorough idea about career options after 12th in animation sector.

Is Animation A Successful Career Option After 12th:

Not everybody must be a specialist, engineer or a dental specialist. Today, students want to explore different other professional educational alternatives. It is often observed that,students find it difficult to settle on between degree and diploma courses after 12th. The present generation is choosy and that they don’t want to calm down for courses like engineering, medical, science or B.Com courses. Students,these days,have a choice to choose courses that aren’t only ordinary but also rather you’d love doing it. Before you joins an animation course, you want to bear in mind that each animation institute or colleges emphasis the importance of excellent drawing, outlining, creativity and imagination skills to become a top quality artist. During this article, we’ve mentioned Animation may be a successful career option you’ll determine different animation courses after 12th.

Benefits of Joining Animation course after 12th standard:

It’s said that “you get what you specialize in what you want”. After 12th standard you come to a brink to make the foremost important decision of your life that what you going to choose as career option. It’s baffling since you’ve enormous options of professional course are opened in today’s India. So it’s important for you to understand what the profession will suit your passion. If you’re an animation enthusiastic and your love for creativity then you’ll make Animation and Multimedia study as your career field. Use of Animation and VFX in Indian production houses has been radicalized. Whether its feature production or commercial ads on TV; Animation has become almost an obligatory factor. Hence Animation and Multimedia has become a viable career option for one since it’s created ever growing boundless job opportunities. The rapidity of job creation during this field is sort of ever before in India. Hollywood production houses are also outsourcing their work with India which is what makes the need of skillful Animators ever growing. All you’d like are the skills, passion and diligence. Nobody needs any mathematical or reasoning aptitude to be fitted to Animation study. during this field your work experience and skills weigh quite your qualifications. So all you’d like is skills and keenness for your work. To meet this growing demand an honest number of Animation institutions have sprouted everywhere India. They supply bachelor’s degree courses, diploma courses and certificate courses. Required qualification is 10+2, no matter any stream (science, arts or commerce) with the 45% or above, but 55%.An animator can avail job opportunities within the fields of VFX, 2D and 3D Animation, Graphic Design, Story boarding, Animation Design, Game Design, 3D Modelling, Texturing and Lighting and Dynamics and much of more.

An animator can be recruited in the agencies like,

  • Animation Studios
  • Media Agencies
  • Film Production Houses
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Web Entities (Websites and e-magazines)

Job Opportunities:

  • Digital painter
  • Production designer
  • Editor
  • Modeller
  • Animator
  • Layout artist
  • Storyboard artist
  • Compositor
  • Illustrator

Animation Career in India:

career in animation

The animation career scope in India is growing. An animated film goes through many stages as a supply chain, each of which has its own importance. Various roles you’ll prefer to be during a production studio are

Storyboarding Artist – They create a clear representation of the sequence/ film by drawing sketches frame-by-frame by hand or on a computer. this permits the filmmakers, advertisers, and producers to guage the project before the assembly starts.

Rigging Artist – A rigging artist is responsible for adding bones and skin to the animated character. He/she possesses to verify that the whole character works as a unit and doesn’t break while animating. The artist’s job is more towards adding details and precision to the graphics.

3D Modellers – They create computer models of a selected object that’s understandable, relatable, and viewable from all angles. 3D modellers are in high demand across industries, including video production studios, film studios, medical animation, product design films, and more.

Character Animators – They supply character movements, facial expressions, and dialogues to tell an attractive story. Their job mainly includes breathing life into characters in films, tv shows, video games, etc. through software like Light wave, Maya, Flash, and more.

Motion Graphics Artist – Using computer programs, motion graphics artists create animated 2D and 3D images. Artists use video and animation to supply the impression of action through changing images.

Lighting Artist – They create the proper lights and shadows that make the scene look realistic and flawless.

Texture Artist – The work of texture artists is to use texture, colour, environment and props, and three-dimensional effects to animated characters. They often need to have an eye fixed fixed for detail for creating artwork like wrinkles, fur, hair, scales, etc.

Compositing Artist – The work of a compositing artist is to compile all the weather from various teams and blend them for final output.

Scopes of Animation:

Since the previous couple of years, we’ve seen the huge growth of the animation industry, with consistent advancement. And today, standing in 2020, it are often assured that the industry will reach its further heights of excellence shortly. So, it leaves no scope of doubt that there’s enough scope for career if you favor to settle on courses after 12th, to pursue. Some noted sectors include:

Film and Television: one among the brilliant areas to figure with animation is film and tv. Today, the animation industry happens to be a multi-billion dollar sector, and therefore the entertainment sector drives a huge chunk of it. For the previous couple of years, we’ve seen the appliance of animation technology in movies, starting from Hollywood to Bollywood. Even the regional movie industry is taking over the trend real fast. Applications also are evident in television commercials and therefore the advertisement sector also . So, once you opt to choose on courses after 12th, a dynamic career is expecting you only around the corner. Apart from a handsome pay package, you’ll get a scintillating exposure and robust platform to hone up your skills.

Print & News Media: Aside from the motion pictures and tv commercials, another essential scope of animation lies within the news and medium sector. In the world of journalism, the need for animation artists always prevails, for creating various creative and info-graphics. an equivalent trend follows for the medium also to return up with different designs and layouts.So, if this sector attracts you, and you discover interest within the same, think no more and choose the foremost suitable one from the list of courses after 12th.

Branding & Visual Merchandising: The genre of selling , especially the retail sector, needs tons of effort for branding and visual merchandising. And for that purpose, the need prevails for designing lots and much of signage, banners, POS materials, props, and soft copy campaigns. If you’re an expert within the same, this particular sector is true here for you. this is often such a sector which can allow you to find out and knowledge , along side earning an honest salary.So, if you’re curious about working during this sector, then think no more and choose courses after 12th.

Digital Marketing Agencies: one among the newest trends of this point happens to be digital marketing. And in digital marketing agencies, there remains an enormous demand for expert and authorized animation artists, for preparing campaigns & creative. So, if you decide for courses after 12th, you’ll take your career goals to dynamic heights within the end of the day . After all, digital marketing is that the future.

Web Designing Agencies: Today, the business world runs to an excellent extent on world-wide-web. And an internet site became quintessential to sustain for each business. So, web designing agencies have made their way during this scenario to cater. And in every web designing agency, graphics and animation artists are essential to organize layout, designs, logo, graphics, and so on. So if you’re planning for courses after 12th, an excellent opportunity in web designing companies await just round the corner. And, once you propose to settle on courses after 12th, your scopes to reinforce your career open directly.


As the discussion proceeded till now, it renders a transparent and comprehensive picture of the list of the courses after 12th, you’ll choose , as per your choice. Also, it explores the scopes which you’ll choose supported your ‘area of interest’. However, there are some critical criteria that you simply got to remember before opting in. you would like to understand and confirm that you simply have that creative spark in you. And if you’ve got that creative spark, and searching forward to doing something different than the stereotype, then this text is specifically for you. Read More